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Compressed Air Leaks – Checking Is Saving

Leakage is the major waste in any kind of industry that comes under the avoidable and checkable category. Any kind of and amount of leakage only raises the cost of production and leaks like the Compressed Air Leaks prove to be much costlier. This is because of the main reason that the cost of producing compressed air is quite high compared to other methods.

To keep such Compressed Air Leaks under check means you are saving quite a fortune. For this, you need to put up a proper management plan in place and install the necessary leak detection equipments. One should understand that these Compressed Air Leaks are hardly noticeable (audible) to humans as the rate of ultrasonic waves that they create is at a quite high frequency. But leak detection equipments enables these Compressed Air Leaks to be detected by converting these ultrasonic waves into human audible sounds thereby alerting the authorities in time to prevent major wastage.

When we talk of such leaks we should know that these Compressed Air Leaks occur in major points like the regulators, couplings, tubes & fittings, filters, control and shut off valves, connectors and flanges. So, more attention should be given to these vulnerable areas. Yet another major factor is that such leaks are almost a never-ending one because once you fix up a leak at one point, there is an increase in the system pressure which would strive to get eased. Yet another weak and vulnerable point will fall victim to this mounting pressure. So, just checking and fixing leaks will not suffice. One needs to regularize the system pressure to avoid further leakages.

Apart from this a proper auditing of the demand and supply of the compressed air, the amount utilized and the vulnerability all should be studied and analyzed. Based on this, further steps to prevent wastage, regularize the demand and supply should be maintained. Regular leak surveys should be conducted. So also, a proper and detailed record of the occurred leakages, the point at which these leakages have occurred, the period when it occurred, the size and the quantity etc should be maintained and should be reviewed periodically. This would help in detecting the most vulnerable and frequently affected areas based on which alternative and more effective methods, other than simply fixing up the leakages, can be taken up to reduce the leakages.

So to say in short, a Compressed Air Leaks prevention program will help the industry to save hundreds of dollars wasted by way of such leaks.

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Leak Detection Equipment – A Must In All Homes

The style of living and the comforts that are used today in the modern houses have greatly changed when compared to the earlier traditional houses. Today there are many modern gadgets that are being used in every household and these come filled with some type of gas or the other. Though these gases are not fatalistic in nature they may lead to various hazards once they start leaking. Hence, the health and safety would be at stake when we are using these gadgets. In such a situation it is very much essential that we use a Leak Detection Equipment that can detect any kind of leakages at a very early stage, give signals and alarms and alert us to take necessary steps to check the leakage in time.

The major products and appliances that are prone to such leakages are the refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Cooking Gas (LPG Cylinders). Of these, the leakage in the Cooking Gas is the most dangerous as they are highly inflammable. By nature these LPGs are odorless that would increase the risk of leakages and reduce the chance of detection. To prevent such high risks an additive called mercaptan is used that gives out that stinky smell thereby enabling early detection of gas leakage even in the absence of a Leak Detection Equipment. Though they currently give out such rotten smell yet the need for a Leak Detection Equipment should not be overlooked. There may be situations when you or any of the family members are not in and around the kitchen when the leak occurs. In the absence of a Leak Detection Equipment one will not come to notice it until the leakage reaches a highly dangerous level. Hence, to be always on the safer side such equipment is a must to be used in the kitchen. Even if no one is nearby, w
hen there is a leakage this equipment will trigger of the alarm attached to it, even before reaching a danger level thereby giving ample time to those present there to take immediate preventive measures.

Not only in the home front but also in all types of industries like automotive, medical devices, aerospace, packaging etc. the Leak Detection Equipment is very much essential. There would be different types of these devices depending upon the type of leakages like liquids, gas, air, chemicals, vacuums etc. While some of them are manually operated some of them come in electronic mode and are highly sophisticated.

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Ways to Reduce The Compressed Air Leaks Cost

There are different types of energies used in various sectors. Of all these the Compressed Air is one of the most costly one and thus requires care usage and handling. Many of us often overlook its cost as we are of the impression that it is only the air that is used so it doesn’t cost or even if it costs it would be minimal. But it is completely the opposite, unlike simple air, compressed air is quite costly.

The major negativity is the leakage that can occur anywhere and everywhere, in the process of its usage. This type of wastage, apart from other utility wastage, accounts for a higher percentage. And this Compressed Air Leaks Cost turns out to be more expensive adding up the operational and production cost. On an average around Compressed Air Leaks Cost accounts for 20 – 30% of the added up production and operation cost. Just imagine if this is minimized how much effective it would be on the total cost factor. Hence, it becomes even more important to put a proper plan and leakage management in place to check the utility and the leakage of compressed air that can considerably bring down the Compressed Air Leaks Cost. The cost of manpower and man hours utilized for leakages is comparatively lesser than the Compressed Air Leaks Cost

There are many simple yet effective methods to bring down this cost. First of all is the prevention. As the saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”. So also a regular check up and simple preventive measures taken to avoid leakages can considerably add up to the cost savings of thousands of dollars annually. Secondly a regular check up for leakages and arrangement for immediate fix ups should be implemented. Thirdly, the operating pressure should be maintained only at the needed level. Anything excess would do no good. Rather it would react negatively as it would strive to gush out fast and with no adequate room it would start leaking through weak and vulnerable points. Normally the most vulnerable points where the leakages can occur are the connectors, couplings, regulators, flanges etc. Fourthly the inlet filters, compressors etc should be cleaned and maintained regularly as any blockage in them means improper outflow of the compressed air thereby mounting up pressure within. This can help the compressed air to get diverted and find a way through weak points causing leaks.

With these simple steps one can considerably save this costly energy from wastage and put them into effective use.

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Compressed Air Leaks Cost – The Major Concern Of Any Power Plant

Air is now being used in compressed form, for various purposes. Compressed air is one of the most expensive forms of energy and so it is really important to make economical use of it. Compressed air leakage can occur in many operating systems, which results in loss, in terms of production and also brings down the efficiency of the capacitor.

Compressed air leaks can be detected and as a result the compressed air leaks cost can be minimized in operating systems, which make use of this type of energy. Though air is present freely in nature, it is not available for free when it comes to compressed air. According to a U.S. Department of energy survey, 10 – 30% of energy consumed in an industry is for compressed air and a significant amount of energy is wasted due to air leaks.

If the compressed air leaks costs are taken care of, the company making use of compressed air, would definitely find an increase in its annual savings. For example, let us consider a plant which is losing 40 % of its useful system capacity as a result of compressed air leakage. If the leakage is taken care of, then the loss can be brought down to 15%. Thus, compressed air leaks cost play a major role in the economy of a power plant

It is also possible to detect compressed air leaks and to minimize leaks to a great extent. This can be a simple process or a tedious one. Compressed air leaks cost, mainly depends upon the diameter of the leak. Let us say that the diameter of a leak is 1/16″, and then the compressed air leak cost comes to $523 per year. On the other hand if the diameter of the leak is 1/8″, then compressed air leak cost comes to $2,095 per year. These costs of leaks are calculated using electricity at the rate of $0.05 per kWh, provided with a constant operating system and an efficient compressor.

The compressed air leaks can be detected using various techniques. A simple technique is the application of soapy water in the suspected area using a paint brush. The main drawback of this technique is that it is time consuming. Another effective method is by using an ultrasonic acoustic detector which comes along with earphones or visual detectors to detect the leaks. They identify the hissing sound that comes along with a leak. By using such techniques compressed air leakage can be brought down and also the compressed air leaks cost can be taken care of.

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Cost Of Air Leaks Poses A Threat To Power Plants

Air that is freely available in nature is used for many purposes by man. Compressed air is one form in which air is kept under certain pressure and is used in many power plants. It serves as a major source of energy, yet at the same time it is an expensive source. In many cases leakage occurs in operating systems, and the cost of air leaks can bring a great loss to the power plant, that makes use of compressed air.

Leakage commonly occurs in many operating systems and the cost of air leaks, brings down the efficiency of the operating system. Air leaks mainly bring down the life time of all the equipments, as it makes the system to function for a long time. This in turn leads to additional maintenance requirements and also increased unscheduled downtime. Additional maintenance results in wastage of extra money and also extra time.

Leakage can occur in several places of a system, yet the most common areas include, coupling, hoses, tubes and fittings. It also occurs in pressure regulators, pipe joints and thread sealants. Cost of air leaks might affect the annual economy of any industry to a great extent. In order to overcome the cost of air leaks, several methods can be followed to detect and rectify the leaks. Also the total leakage can be calculated using the following formula:

Leakage (%) =

Where, T= on-load time, t =off- load time.

This method can be used to estimate the amount of air leakage in compressors using start/stop control. The compressor will load and unload because the air leaks will cause the compressor to go on and off, as the pressure drops from air that escapes.

The important factor that plays a major role in determining the cost of air leaks is the diameter of the leak. Ultimately, it is the compressor that gets affected and it also affects the overall production. Air leaks can also occur in cardiothoracic surgery, and this type of leaks can cause severe post-operative complications and can also make the patient stay in the hospital for a longer time than required. Post operative air leak causes increase in post operative morbidities like lobar collapse, Pleural empyema, surgical emphysema and nosocomial pneumonia. This can be avoided if air leaks are prevented intra operatively, with not much cost, and it can be calculated into the operating budget of any reliable and economically viable product. Thus by bringing down the cost of air leaks various losses can be avoided, both in terms of health and economy.

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